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A guide to academic success and social etiquette for competitive (and non-competitive) pre-medical students.

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Who are we? We are two UCLA alumni who majored in Neuroscience currently pursuing our M.D.s at USC's Keck School of Medicine and Albany Medical College.
Apr 12 '11

Recently learned a nifty trick on memorizing the Fischer and Haworth projections for monosaccharides, thought we would share (adhereing to Rule #23).

Couple of rules:

  1. Use your right hand for the D conformation (-OH on the right in glyceraldehyde).
  2. Use your left hand if you want to try out the L conformation (-OH on the left in glyceraldehyde).
  3. When your hand is horizontal (your hand makes a right angle with your arm), you are doing the Fischer projection.
  4. Simply straighten your hand (180 degrees to your arm), you are doing the Haworth. Just keep track of your carbon-number with your fingers.
  5. Draw your -OH’s in the direction your fingertips are pointing (Fischer and Haworth).

*For ribose, the carbon-numbering is a bit off with your fingers, so you just have to remember that ribose forms a 5-membered ring!*

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