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A guide to academic success and social etiquette for competitive (and non-competitive) pre-medical students.

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Who are we? We are two UCLA alumni who majored in Neuroscience currently pursuing our M.D.s at USC's Keck School of Medicine and Albany Medical College.
Oct 14 '14

Anonymous asked:

Is there a central database for all med schools? Something like college board would be nice, but for med school .

Yup.  AAMC publishes an annual MSAR (The Official Guide to Medical School Admissions) here with a print option available.

Oct 8 '14

Primary Care Progress

Readers, as pre-meds, med students, or other health professionals, what makes you interested or disinterested in pursuing a career in Primary Care?

Oct 1 '14
Oct 1 '14

Anonymous asked:

How hard is it to get into UCLA's med school?


Oct 1 '14

Anonymous asked:

Hello, I am a student a transfer student at UCLA and I am majoring in Sociology. I have taken a year of biology at my community college and got good grades in them. However,it only counts for LS1 & LS2 at Ucla. Am I supposed to take LS3 and LS4 and LS 23L? I went to an advisor and they gave me this advice but it seems repetitive if I have credit for a year of bio? Any information would be greatly appreciated. PS I really want to go to Ucla's medical school so I am willing to take 2 extra classes

Many med schools won’t accept community college classes for the pre-med requirements.  I’d suggest you listen to your academic adviser and take the extra classes to ensure you can apply directly when the time comes.

Sep 29 '14
Study Break: Welcome to our neoplastic party…
(more at the source)

Study Break: Welcome to our neoplastic party…

(more at the source)

Sep 25 '14

Anonymous asked:

Question about pre-med social media. My tumblr is only linked to my first name, and was linked under the description to my instagram and nowhere else. My insta also doesn't have my full name, only my first. Can an adcom member go so far as to check through all my fb pictures, see the one I posted through instagram, click on my instagram profile (which is private, but the link to my tumblr is in the desc, which is public) and then find my tumblr? I don't have any adcoms friended lol

Sounds like it might be possible?  It might be easiest if you just unlink your instagram from your facebook (and just repost the photos manually) so you don’t have to worry.  You could also set your Facebook to super private so only your friends can view your profile for the application cycle.  

Most people changed their Facebook names or even deactivated during their application cycles just to be safe.

Sep 22 '14

medhurdles asked:

what do you think are effective study strategies for you?
  • Studying in groups
  • Pre-reading lecture material
  • Reviewing material within 24 hours of first seeing it
  • Mind-mapping or otherwise translating material into something more accessible
    (I’m a visual learner, so making flowcharts or diagrams helps.)
  • Seeking other methods of learning the same material (youtube videos, Pathoma, asking someone else to explain, reading a textbook, etc…)
  • Repetition, repetition, repetition, repetition
Sep 21 '14

Anonymous asked:

I'm a student at UCLA and I'm going to be a second year. I mainly have Bs and 2 Cs in my prereqs (and 1 A in LS) and As in all my GEs. Should I just stop trying for med school now? Or do I just need to get my act together?

Get your act together! UCLA pre-med courses are tough and we also had our fair share of bad grades! 

I struggled during my first year at UCLA and did not do as well as I wanted to. It took me a while to figure out the most effective study strategies and how to use resources to help me succeed. I had a C, some B’s, and one withdrawal (LS4). There are definitely ways to work around your mistakes.

Go to office hours, go to tutoring, find a study group, go to the test bank! Medical schools do look for an upward trend in GPA. Since you are only a 2nd year, you still have time to bring up your GPA. Don’t give up!

Good luck!

Aug 28 '14

Anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm moving to the LA area, and I wanted to start taking some classes at a community college. Do you have any recommendations of community colleges where I can take science classes? Thanks for your help :)

Pasadena City College is a popular place to take community college classes (source: 2 cousins took classes there before transferring to Northeastern & CalTech)

Aug 28 '14

Anonymous asked:

I'm going into my Junior year and I am worried about my GPA/grades. I had a bad semester that brought my GPA down to a 3.4. I gotten mostly B's and a few A's in my Pre-Reqs. I still have to take Physics I/II, Orgo II and Biochem. EC's are research, ER volunteer, tutor, leader in 2 science clubs and a few more little things. Will the GPA ruin me? I'm going to try to raise it. I feel like I have too many B's.

You’ll be fine.  Keep it above a 3.0 and show an upward trend.

Aug 16 '14
Aug 10 '14

(Source: thedailygrit)

Aug 7 '14

Anonymous asked:

Do you have any time left for your hobbies ,or you Only think about medicine and that stuff? Do you have social life?

We definitely make time to socialize and do fun things with friends!

Aug 7 '14

Anonymous asked:

For research, do you suggest emailing multiple professors you're interested in working with? What if more than one of them says yes? How do you decline the other one?

Email first.  If you do get more than one positive reply/interview, politely decline the one you are less interested in.  Be honest about accepting another position elsewhere and thank them for their time.  Keep it short and sweet; professors understand that students need to pursue the opportunities that make them happy.